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What is your animal welfare policy?

In recognition of the importance of animal welfare, we invited both RSPCA and PETA to review our animal welfare policy, to benefit from their expertise. We have banned exotic skins/leathers and down, real fur, endangered species and angora.

All leather we use must be a by-product of the meat industry and information on the species of leather must be provided by our suppliers before we buy it. Leather is a small percentage of our range and we use a limited number of leather suppliers (only one in China).

Materials are tested for their fibre composition, which is a legal requirement to ensure care labels are correct on fake fur items.

If you would like more information on the composition of a garment, please contact us.




On dispatch of your items we will send you an order dispatch email, to let you know that your card has been debited and your order is on its way.

To track your order you can click on the link in the dispatch email. You are able to track your order online within 24 hours of the order despatch email being sent.

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If the tracking link states delivery has been attempted and you haven't received a calling card, please contact Customer Service, please provide a suitable working day for delivery to be re attempted.

We will need 1 working days notice and will do everything we can to arrange this for you with our courier, whilst keeping you updated with progress.